• Excel cover material in select key lime 8513


    Excel® is a light-weight, saturated cover material offered in Classic, Select, and Design Collections, each with unique color and finish combinations. The Classic Collection features traditional colors with a standard gloss finish and the Select Collection for a wider range of fashion-forward colors with a modern, satin finish.  The Design Collection is perfect when you require the look and finish of linen, but prefer the ease of use of a saturated material.  Excel® has a flexible slim-fitting composition and our library of stocked colors make it the designer’s choice for style with economy and the manufacturer’s ally in machine and hand-made production processes.  Excel® is perfect for creating eye-catching book covers, packaging, and stationery.

  • Hyflex graphic white printable cover material


    Hyflex is a latex reinforced heavy weight material, made with the unique Hyflex® construction designed to provide long life and withstand hard abuse. This design offers a highly flexible sheet, with significant strength and crack resistance. Hyflex® is made to be finished either on or off-line with aqueous or UV topcoats and is designed for many self-supported product applications.

    Hyflex® 7
    6 mil thickness
    Color: White
    Embossing: Smooth (Chrome) and 7 additional embossings

    Hyflex® 9
    9 mil thickness
    Color: White
    Embossing: Smooth (Chrome) and 5 additional embossings

    Hyflex® 12
    12.3 mil thickness
    Color: White
    Embossing: Smooth (Chrome) and 5 additional embossings

  • Kivar 7 simulated leather cover material

    Kivar 7

    Kivar 7 is a lightweight latex-saturated covering material that comes in simulated leather and cloth patterns. Kivar 7 is lightweight, durable and economical, and comes in 30 stock colours and 6 embossings.

  • Kivar Sutton

    Kivar Sutton simulates cloth patterns in a lightweight latex-saturated covering material.

    Standard colours are Navy Linen & Black Linen.

  • Lumina lustrous cover material in Bronze colour


    Lumina is an acrylic coated kraft based cover material with colours inspired by precious stones and metals. Lumina dazzles with its selection of fine shimmery pigments and neutral earthy tones.

  • Mirage Classic cover material in Light Gray colour

    Mirage Classic®

    Mirage® Classic is the base line of Mirage®, an environmentally friendly, acrylic coated material that offers the same style and heat-burnishing qualities of a PU product. While additional print and embossing designs are included in our other Mirage® lines, Mirage® Classic delivers the simplicity of a classic, antique, matte finish with a perfectly flush, solid color, providing a clean slate for your own creative designs. Mirage® Classic is most commonly used as a cover material for books, journals, bibles, CD/multimedia packaging, jewelry boxes, and more.

  • Mirage Corsica cover material in Red with Larista embossing

    Mirage Corsica®

    Mirage® Corsica is designed to resemble the revered traits of old softened leather, bringing a sense of comfort and familiarity to your design projects. This material is first crafted with a water base, color coat, and special top coat that’s designed for a lush, soft feel. Print and texture is added to give the appearance of either lightly worn or heavily cracked leather, whichever characteristic is more relevant to your design goals. Mirage® Corsica is suitable for covering books, bibles, binders, journals, luxury packaging and more.

  • Mirage Distressed cover material in Saddle colour

    Mirage Distressed®

    As timeless as the stories it protects, Mirage® Distressed gives your projects and designs that antiquated look that never goes out of style. The subtle embossing pattern reproduces the appearance of naturally distressed leather, but for a fraction of the cost. Mirage® Distressed is perfect for covering bibles, religious books, photo books, yearbooks, luxury packaging, photo mount, diaries and journals.

  • Mirage Nouveau®

    Mirage® Nouveau is a modern cover material that resembles tightly stitched weaves with crisp lines and symmetry. Offered in a selection of colorful hues from our Classic line, Mirage® Nouveau is available in 3 different embossing patterns that you can add your own stamping or burnishing to for an exciting 3-dimensional design you can see and feel. It makes a beautiful cover for various retail boxes, book covers, journals, and more.

  • Mirage Pescara cover material in Light Gray

    Mirage Pescara®

    Mirage® Pescara takes the colors and simplicity of our Classic line to a higher level. Designed with a subtle Pescara print and a special, soft-touch, coating — an inviting touch and natural finish — Pescara gives you the look, feel, and  heat burnishing effects of real leather while complying with our strict ecologically sound production methods. Mirage® Pescara adds exciting visual and tactile appeal to your books, bibles, journals, packaging, and more, without compromising on cost or the environment.

  • Mirage Vintage cover material in Maroon with Impala embossing

    Mirage Vintage®

    Mirage® Vintage emulates the weathered appearance of aged leather. With two different textures to choose from and the addition of your own heat-burnished design, Mirage® Vintage can help you create retro or antique-style packaging to capture age-old tales by wrapping it around books, binders, journals, bibles, luxury packaging and more.

  • Pellaq Iguana simulated leather in high-end iridescent reptile pattern cover material

    Pellaq Iguana

    Pellaq Iguana is a Latex-saturated, high gloss, simulated leather cover material that comes in high-end iridescent reptile patterns.

    •Colorfast and moisture resistant.
    •Offered in enticing visuals, reminiscent of leather in bold or subtle reptile patterns: Lizard, Croco, Mallory, Pinseal, Glean and premium Iguana
    •Offers a scratch resistant, high gloss surface

  • Prestige soft flocked cover material


    Prestige® combines the luxury of suede and the richness of velvet, with unparalleled quality and consistency. Available in range of classic reds, blues, and browns as well as contemporary pinks, oranges and greens, the Prestige® collection offers the perfect color to meet your design goals.  With exquisite foil and blind stamping abilities, decorative graphics can easily be applied to create distinctive, eye-appealing covers for products exclusivity across applications: box wraps, photo mattes, slipcases and hardcover books.

  • Radiance shimmering cover material


    Radiance® is a fashion-forward line with a brilliant, jewel tone, shimmer that radiates from a luminous, color shifting, topcoat. Offered in 9 chic colors, an array of modern textures, and both Plush (soft touch) and Polish (high gloss) finishes, Radiance® glistens with flair. The bold colors radiate through a coating of fine metallic pigments, offering a stunning shimmer effect and a brilliantly polished look to luxury packaging, jewelry boxes, cosmetics, accessories, multi-media, yearbooks, journals, diaries and more.

  • Rainbow 80 uncoated paper cover material

    Rainbow 70#

    Available in more than 80 colors and 100 embossings, RAINBOW® is the market leader for dyed-through, FSC® certified colored kraft paper. Under the umbrella of the RAINBOW® line of products, our front runner RAINBOW® 70 not only brings excitement and versatility to the design process, but also takes the lead for both its economical and ecological advantages. RAINBOW® 70 upholds the U.S. standard for endleaf and side panels on hardcover juvenile trade books, and also makes it a brilliant choice for box wraps, slipcase covers and liners. Whatever application you choose, RAINBOW® 70 is sure to impress with its natural appearance and flawless finish.

  • Rainbow 80 uncoated paper cover material

    Rainbow 80# ®

    RAINBOW® 80# (Rainbow 80lb) is well-known as the market leader in covering material for full cover, side, spine, and endleaf for hardcover books, and makes a fine packaging wrap for a variety of industries such as wine & spirits, fragrance, fashion, apparel, food, etc. RAINBOW® 80 offers the same selection as RAINBOW® 70, but with the added thickness needed for a wider range of applications and printing capability. RAINBOW® 80# makes the perfect canvas for screen printing, UV, and offset printing, or for decorating with blind or foil stamp. For optimal digital printing, custom Digital Black and Digital Opaque colors offer HP Indigo Certified options.

  • Essex cover material in colour Maroon ES403

    Rainbow Essex

    Essex combines 80# dyed-through kraft colors with a subtle print and tactile cloth embossing, giving you a rich, linen-like covering material ideal for packaging, hardcover books, journals, slipcases and binders. This material has the same stamping and screen printing capability as natural cloth, but makes a great eco-friendly alternative for those looking for added value in a fully recyclable material.

  • Rainbow Exposé cover material Teal

    Rainbow Exposé®

    Exposé™ is a dyed-through kraft best known for its rich soft-touch finish that gives great value to designers looking for the luxuriously smooth feel of satin at the competitive price of paper. This fully recyclable material makes a great eco-friendly choice for a wide variety of applications including set-up boxes, slipcases, game boards, bags, albums, boxes, book side panels, CD/multimedia packaging, and more.

  • Rainbow LX LX218 Cover Material

    Rainbow LX (Rainbow 9)®

    Rainbow® LX is the luxury brands’ choice among global designers, specifiers, and manufacturers of high-end projects demanding superior strength and flexibility. Design custom colors and textures for creation of unique branding. Rainbow® LX is offered in a wide range of prefabricated designs in stock.

  • Silktouch Thermo by Skivertex

    Silktouch Thermo features the look and exceptionally soft feel of nubuck and plush leathers.

  • Skivertex Anila 5268 Cover Material


    Skivertex is a simulated leather cover material that comes in 20 patterns for a total of 318 offerings. It is also known as Kivar-9.

  • Skivertex Sanigal simulated leather cover material

    Skivertex Sanigal

    Skivertex Sanigal is a European inspired, premium grade, simulated leather covering material (may also be referred to as Kivar® 9)

    It is a Latex-saturated covering material available in 318 standard offerings. An industry standard for luxury and decorative packaging applications.

  • Skivertex Ultra Haircell Ricks Red nylon reinforced cover material

    Skivertex Ultra

    Skivetex Ultra is a latex saturated, nylon reinforced decorative cover material that comes in 22 colours through 6 embossings.

  • Skivertex Vellin Simulated Leather Cover Material

    Skivertex Vellin

    Skivertex Vellin is a European inspired, premium grade, simulated leather covering material (may also be referred to as Kivar® 9).

    This latex-saturated covering material is available in 318 standard offerings. Skivertex is an industry standard for luxury and decorative packaging applications.

  • Skivertex Vicuana 5242 simulated leather cover material

    Skivertex Vicuana

    Skivertex Vicuana is a European inspired, premium grade, simulated leather covering material (may also be referred to as Kivar® 9).

    Latex-saturated covering material available in 318 standard offerings. An industry standard for luxury and decorative packaging applications.

  • Sports Cover Golf

    Just as the dimples on a golf ball increase its Magnus force, adding this signature pattern to your sports and multimedia packaging is sure to give your design a lift! If you’re looking to attract golf aficionados far and wide, drive an ace with Golf Sports Cover®, a textured cover material that achieves one of the world’s most renowned sporting patterns by adding a special embossing and coating to its white saturated substrate base. Choose Golf Sports Cover® for a look that’s not just an art, it’s a science.

  • Summit by Skivertex

    Summit by Skivertex is a durable latex saturated cover material with great visuals and tactice feel. It is a great alternative to expensive cloth.

  • Tanalin Ten

    Tanalin Ten is available in a wide range of colours and finishes. You may choose from solid colours or special finishes like Zebu (marble look) and Dull (matte finishes). An affordable alternative when cloth is too expensive.

    Tanalin Ten’s leather-like appearance, enables customer’s to enhance numerous diversified turned-edge applications.