Optima E

Optima E white offset litho cloth is a fully coated duck or oxford that is coated with an acrylic coating and calendered to provide a smooth finish that readily accepts printing. Optima E cloth is an extremely strong, durable material that is used when longevity, strength, and durability is needed. It conforms to the LBI Prebound Standards and meets ANSI L29.1-1977 standards for E grade material.

Specifically designed for offset printing, the acrylic coating on Optima E white offset litho cloth receives conventional and UV process inks, enabling the printed subject to show up with good clarity and detail.

If requirements call for a fully decorable, extremely durable material that meets library standards, Optima E cloth is the material of choice for your application.

Material Base




13 mils

Standard Width



820 lbs per 1,000 yards

Decorating Method

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, ,


Sheeted, Sheeted & Squared

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