• Pellaq by Skivertex 9260 in Crispel texture

    Pellaq by Skivertex

    Pellaq is a high gloss & scratch resistant simulated leather. It available in bold or subtle reptile patterns and is colorfast and moisture resistant.

  • Pellaq Iguana simulated leather in high-end iridescent reptile pattern cover material

    Pellaq Iguana

    Pellaq Iguana is a Latex-saturated, high gloss, simulated leather cover material that comes in high-end iridescent reptile patterns.

    •Colorfast and moisture resistant.
    •Offered in enticing visuals, reminiscent of leather in bold or subtle reptile patterns: Lizard, Croco, Mallory, Pinseal, Glean and premium Iguana
    •Offers a scratch resistant, high gloss surface