• Arrestox

    Perfect for book covers and media packaging, Arrestox® is an aqueous-impregnated, 100% natural cotton cloth. The most recognized name in the industry, Arrestox cloth is extremely durable and performs well in a wide range of publishing and turned edge applications. It is exceptionally functional and accepts glue well. Because Arrestox is easy to decorate you can use the technique of your choice to create unique look and consumer appeal for book cover and packaging applications. Arrestox has excellent stain, mildew and crock resistance. It also has good water resistance, UV light resistance, scuff resistance, and good abrasion resistance.

  • Bukram P Extra Fantasia 2222

    Bukram P Extra Fantasia

    Bukram P Extra Fantasia is an acrylic coated 100% cotton book cloth with a paper backing that is available in vellum and linen finishes.


    Manufacturer: Manifattura del Seveso

  • Natuurlinen cloth cover material


    Natuurlinnen™ book cloth offers the aesthetics of an all-natural fabric with an organic look and subtle coloring, making it an excellent choice for today’s environmentally sound projects. Its 100% cotton cloth weave is perfect for coffee table and art books, and accepts foil and blinding stamping seamlessly, offering designers a natural solution with a touch of character. Natuurlinnen is a distinguished cover material choice for books, stationery items, multimedia, CD, and luxury packaging.

  • Pearl Linen cloth cover material in colour Seafoam Green

    Pearl Linen

    Smooth and soft – Pearl Linen® book cloth features fashionable colors with a hint of gloss. The soft tactile feel delivers high-end quality. Perfect for labels, sales promotions, fragrance and beauty packaging, and book covers.

  • Sierra paper backed book cover material


    Sierra® book cloth offers a classic, natural fabric alternative, through the combination of dyed rayon cloth and light-weight, tissue-paper backing, making it the perfect choice when the distinct look of natural cloth is desired. Sierra® is the perfect cover material choice for hardcover books, photo albums, journals, packaging and deluxe editions, as well as the best-selling choice for cloth on trade book spines.  Produced with a tissue paper backing to eliminate flaking and glue overflow, makes Sierra® easy to use.  Sierra® provides designers contemporary and distinct covering options.