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  • Backlining / Caselining Paper

    This paperboard is available in different calipers: 9, 12 and 17pt. The 17pt thickness is stocked in Cornwall. This semi stiff paperboard strip is used to stiffen the spines.

    9pt – 56″ width, Brown colour
    12pt – 56″ width, Brown colour
    17pt – 26″ width, Grey colour

    Please inquire with customer service for minimums.

  • Duo Stretch

    Duo Stretch nylon reinforcement was developed primarily for adhesive bound books. The material provides great strength with a stretch component that allows the material to form around the spine of adhesive bound books whose spine will be rounded. This material, however, can be used as lining for the spine of most text blocks. The product is a combination polyester/cotton warp with nylon fill. It is crimped nylon fill that gives the material its stretch characteristics.

  • Headbands

    Stocked in Cornwall in medium finish 500 yard spools, right and left. Minimum order for stocked colors is one spool (left or right). Minimum order on non-stock colors is two spools (left and right).

  • White Crepe Kraft

    60 lb creped kraft stretch paper.

    Columbia White Creped Kraft is an absorbent, economical reinforcing product that is available in various sizes of slit rolls.