• Radiance shimmering cover material


    Radiance® is a fashion-forward line with a brilliant, jewel tone, shimmer that radiates from a luminous, color shifting, topcoat. Offered in 9 chic colors, an array of modern textures, and both Plush (soft touch) and Polish (high gloss) finishes, Radiance® glistens with flair. The bold colors radiate through a coating of fine metallic pigments, offering a stunning shimmer effect and a brilliantly polished look to luxury packaging, jewelry boxes, cosmetics, accessories, multi-media, yearbooks, journals, diaries and more.

  • Sports Cover Golf

    Just as the dimples on a golf ball increase its Magnus force, adding this signature pattern to your sports and multimedia packaging is sure to give your design a lift! If you’re looking to attract golf aficionados far and wide, drive an ace with Golf Sports Cover®, a textured cover material that achieves one of the world’s most renowned sporting patterns by adding a special embossing and coating to its white saturated substrate base. Choose Golf Sports Cover® for a look that’s not just an art, it’s a science.