• Kivar 2 Performa printable and durable cover material for hard cover books

    Kivar 2 Performa

    Kivar 2 Performa is a Latex reinforced specification grade material. It exceeds NASTA Type II non-woven specifications Class A through E. A rugged premium sheet, which exhibits outstanding image reproduction.

    •Exceeds NASTA Type II non-woven specifications Class A through E for elementary/high school textbook usage.
    •Choice of smooth Chrome finish or 7 embossed textures (Antique, Cambric, Firenze, Homespun, Linenweave, Chisel,Satique).
    •Rugged premium sheet that exhibits outstanding image reproduction.

  • Kivar 3 Performa offset printable cover material

    Kivar 3 Performa

    Kivar 3 Performa is an economical yet durable offset printable covering material that is latex reinforced making it extra stong, flexible and moisture resistant.

    •Available in 14, 17 and 22 mil thickness
    •Available in Chrome and 7 embossings: Antique, Cambric, Firenze, Homespun, Linenweave, Chisel, Satique
    •Meets NASTA class AA and BB standards
    •Excellent ink holdout
    • Heavyweight for soft cover book or self supporting cover applications