Material Composition: 100% Rayon

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  • Assuan

    Assuan is a tissue lined rayon viscose book cloth cover material with exceptional foil blocking capabilities. This versatile material is available in 29 colors that will give your book or packaging a premium look and feel.

  • Brillianta

    Available in a wide selection of vibrant, contemporary colors, this 100% rayon cloth is EU REACH compliant with paper backing, adhering to modern product regulations and brand specifications. Brillianta® has a light-weight paper backing, and is ideal for decorative covering and stamping on coffee table books, art books, trade book spines, boxes, bibles, encyclopedias, photo albums, binders, multimedia packaging, and more.

  • Cialux

    Cialux Natural Finish Book Cloth is an imported cloth from Italy. It is a rayon cloth with a natural finish and paper backing. Cialux cloth is made from spun rayon yarn which is composed of short-length filament threads. Cialux processes well on Horauf, Kolbus, WBF Stall, and Smith manufacturing equipment.

  • Exotic

    The Exotic offers a lavish woven fabric crafted with the distinctive Japanese pongee texture, ensuring luxurious quality. Ideal for deluxe books, upscale packaging, and premium photo albums, this high-quality woven cloth elevates any project with its exquisite touch.

  • Ornament

    The Ornament boasts a woven fabric distinguished by its refined sheen, accentuating bold lines within the weft. Crafted from rayon, this cloth is tailored for grand projects like art books and albums, while also lending sophistication to premium packaging solutions.

  • Paradise

    Paradise book cloth is a new two tone fabric suitable for packaging, books, photo albums. It comes available in pastels and vibrant colours.


    Manufacturer: Manifattura del Seveso

  • Pristine

    Introducing Pristine: a luxurious paper-backed Japanese rayon cloth renowned for its tight weave boasting 30 warp and 30 weft threads per centimeter, offering unparalleled softness and durability. Embracing sustainability, Pristine stands as an environmentally conscious choice, embodying elegance without compromising quality. Its meticulous craftsmanship ensures both strength and a delicate touch, ideal for bookbinding and premium packaging applications. Versatile and tactile, Pristine’s exquisite texture elevates creative projects while reflecting a commitment to eco-friendly practices. Explore the sophistication and softness of Pristine—where craftsmanship meets environmental responsibility.

  • Setalux

    Setalux® book cloth is a tissue lined filament viscose with silk appearance. It comes available in a wide choice of colors and it is ideal for the most prestigious books, luxury packaging, and high-end applications. It is offset printable with great results.

  • Setalux Metal

    Setalux® Metal book cloth is a tissue lined filament viscose with a silk appearance and metallic finish. Setalux Metal is available in 18 beautiful colors.

  • Sierra®

    Sierra® book cloth offers a classic, natural fabric alternative, through the combination of dyed rayon cloth and light-weight, tissue-paper backing, making it the perfect choice when the distinct look of natural cloth is desired. Sierra® is the perfect cover material choice for hardcover books, photo albums, journals, packaging and deluxe editions, as well as the best-selling choice for cloth on trade book spines.  Produced with a tissue paper backing to eliminate flaking and glue overflow, makes Sierra® easy to use.  Sierra® provides designers contemporary and distinct covering options.

  • Traditional

    Traditional epitomizes luxury with its woven texture crafted using a dobby loom, enhancing diffused reflection. Tailored for art books, historical volumes, albums, and premium packaging, this fabric elevates any project with its timeless elegance.