• Balmoral

    Balmoral is a finely woven, starch filled coated book cloth that comes in a range of vibrant colors that is often used for covering high quality books, albums, boxes and stationery. This cover materials smooth coated finish offers an ideal platform for high quality foil decoration.

  • Carbon X Carbon Fiber pattern cover material

    Carbon X by Corvon

    Carbon-X is a unique cover material with an embossing that mimics carbon fiber. It offers a striking visual association with luxury, high-end, high-performance brands.

  • Metal-X Bright Silver cover material with Brush texture

    Metal-X by Corvon

    Metal-X by Corvon has rich, metallic tones and distinctive textures that add to a dramatic visual appeal. Metal-X is a latex-saturated cover material that is ideal for set-up boxes and book coverings.

  • Metallics by Skivertex cover material

    Metallics by Skivertex

    Metallics by Skivertex has a metallic coating and satin sheen that creates a high-tech, reflective look. Metallics is a latex saturated decorative cover material that is available in 12 colours and 4 textures.