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A 100% woven cotton fabric, Roxite C aqueous acrylic coated cloth is coated with a moisture resistant, aqueous acrylic topcoat. Roxite C cloth has the look and feel of a textured, woven cloth, and is available in both linen and vellum finishes. Extremely durable, it is ideal for any application where superior tear strength or tensile strength is needed.

Roxite C is specifically designed and engineered to meet and/or exceed all C grade application requirements. It is covered with a clear topcoat that is formulated for outstanding scuff and crock resistance. It performs exceptionally well in turned-edge applications.

Roxite C cloth is frequently selected as the material of choice for large format books as well as bookbinding applications such as textbooks and hymnals that are subject to constant and/or careless use. Due to its excellent durability, Roxite C cloth is used in a wide variety of applications ranging from book covers, specialty packaging, and mechanical binding, to photo albums and menu covers.

You can decorate Roxte C cloth readily to create unparalleled, classic looking cover materials, which not only look good, but also provide exceptional value to consumers.

Width, Weight and Thickness 42" standard
585 lbs per 1,000 linear yards
11.7 mils
Performance Characteristics Oustanding crock resistance
Excellent stain and mildew resistance
Excellent water resistance
Good UV light resistance
Oustanding scuff resistance
Excellent abrasion resistance
Excellent durability
Colours Standard colours (US stock)
custom colours available on a make-to-order (MTO) basis
Suggested Decorating Method Blind stamping
Foil stamping
Screen printing
Offset printing on white
Applications/End Uses Book covering - cookbooks, book clubs, religious/hymnals, reference, University Press, college textbooks, elementary/high school textbooks, yearbooks, coffee table/museum books
Specialty Packaging - game boards
Mechanical Binding
Loose leaf - guide books
Gift/sample books
Other - photo albums, menu covers
Standard Roll Size and Converting Info 100 linear yards (call for availability)
Roxite C may be sheeted or sheeted and squared with an additional charge if so desired.

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